Tuesday, November 3, 2009

James Rose

"We must first know and live within our own civilization, rather than beam at it intelligently, like the faces in a cozy painting.
We must get rid of the almost unconscious snobbishness, which makes us imagine we are getting“culture” at the opera while completely blind to the inventive miracles of the amusement park and the department store. When we look at things again, with a fresh view rather than that of an art catalogue, we will know instinctively when to laugh and when not to laugh at Picasso, and how to build our gardens.” JR (1913-1991)

James Rose is amazing- he even has an entire philosophy about ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN! He was a huge advocate of complete spatial integration of exterior and interior- a huge leap from the common approach of architecture + landscape. He also proposed a deeper union of "shelter" with the landscape and referred to his projects as "environmental complexes" in an attempt to eschew the classic western notion that considers them to be two separate entities.
For these reasons (+ the fact that he has mad style) he's my new hero.

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